about us

Founded by two brothers from Vermont, Jewett & Jewett has set out to become the trend-setting real estate agency in the Catskills. We are rooted in our love of nature and the desire to help our friends and family live peaceful, meaningful lives. Delaware County is now our permanent home, but we haven't left Brooklyn behind entirely. We plan on connecting the two places we have called home, because we believe that despite the scenery, they have a lot in common.

Our use of social media, enticing photography, and lifestyle branding is what motivates our downstate clients to make the trip up north for a long weekend of fun and real estate prospecting.

Steve Jewett (@CatskillStevens) has lived in Delaware County since 2013. He is a musician, farmer, and experienced business consultant. Always interested in offering advice and helping out, he does much more for his clients than showing them properties. He is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business, and has used his skills to establish and grow several successful businesses.

Peter Jewett is the founding broker for Jewett and Jewett. He is a proud graduate of Union College and has been practicing law since 2009. Peter currently lives and works in Brooklyn, but visits the Catskills frequently for fresh air and room to roam.